Everyone feels anxious at times. Maybe you are starting a new job, going to a new school, leaving for college, or in a new relationship. It is normal to feel nervous or worried about these transitions or changes. If you find yourself worrying about everything in your life from your children, your health, your finances, and your relationships it might be appropriate unless the worries are interfering with other parts of your life. If you struggle with being present in relationships, going to work or school, or finding moments of joy, it may be time to get some support. 


Anxiety Symptoms

  • You find it difficult to control the worry
  • Feel easily fatigued or tired
  • Struggle to remember things, have difficulty concentrating, or your mind goes blank
  • Struggle with going to sleep, staying asleep or have restless sleep because your thoughts keep interfering
  • When anxious your physical symptoms can be:
    • heart rate increases,
    • have shortness of breath,
    • feel flushed or light-headed,
    • stomach aches or headaches
  • You avoid social situations or other activities due to anxiety
  • You try to control others or situations in order to manage your fears or worries, only to feel more overwhelmed and exhausted because they are out of your control.
  • You don’t finish tasks or you procrastinate starting them because you worry you will mess up, are not good enough or it won’t be perfect.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a common issue I work with in teenage girls and women. We will first explore what anxiety symptoms you are experiencing and how it is impacting your life. For many of my clients, their anxiety is generalized (worrying about a lot of different things and struggling to manage it) while some have more specific anxiety, such as going to social events. You may experience a combination of both.  People often seek counseling to learn ways to cope with the anxiety, such as deep breathing. When we work together, you will be taught coping strategies and we will go deeper into the thoughts or stories that maybe keeping you stuck in worrying. If you are ready to stop the avoidance of fear or worry and learn how to take your life back, contact me today for a free 15-minute consult.

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