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This was originally published on March 28, 2020 on Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast.


Some highlights from this episode-Parenting during Coronavirus:

  • If your child doesn’t have a specific time to start online school let them sleep in some
  • Let go of “doing it all” especially if you are working from home
  • If have younger child(ren) shift your expectations around their education requirements
    • Emotional Support and love most important right now
    • Home Schooling is not a full 8 hour day
  • Look at starting or restarting family meetings (LYD episode 03 Link)
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  • Self-care is important during the Coronavirus
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Nicole Burgess LMFT & Empowerment Coach-Parenting tips during Coronavirus

Nicole Burgess

CEO|LMFT|Empowerment Coach for Women

Nicole Burgess works with teen girls and women in overcoming anxiety, over functioning, and rediscovering joy. She offers online therapy sessions for Indiana residents. She is also a life & business coach for introverted, HSP, and high achieving professional women.