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All Counseling and Therapy is online/virtual for girls and women in Indiana! 

I have been offering online sessions for over 5 years. It is as effective as in person sessions.

Teen and Women’s Therapy in Indianapolis, IN

Helping Teen Girls and Women Stop Feeling Anxious and Start Feeling Calm

Hi, I’m Nicole

I help teen girls, women, and moms overcome their struggles with worry and stress with therapy in Indianapolis.

I provide a non-judgemental space where you can safely express what’s bothering you and where we collaborate on finding your path towards feeling better.

Helping Stressed Women

Do you find yourself saying:

    • “I am overwhelmed”
    • “I am stressed out all the time”
    • “I feel stuck in my life”
    • “If I say what I really feel or want, people won’t like me”

Women’s counseling can help you:

    • Stop caring what other people think
    • Express yourself in a more direct way
    • Not let fear get in the way of your life
    • Manage stress better

Find out more about how Women’s Counseling can help

Helping Anxious Teen Girls

Do you catch your teen saying:

    • “I’m worried all the time”
    • “I’m not sleeping well”
    • “I’m so overwhelmed I can’t get anything done”
    • “I don’t want to hang out with anyone”

Therapy can help your teenager:

    • Start enjoying life as a teen
    • Get a safe space to express herself
    • Understand what fuels her anxiety so she can stop it
    • Learn ways to manage difficult emotions

Find out more about how Therapy for Teen Anxiety can help.

More Services
For Teen and Women’s Therapy in Indianapolis

Online Counseling

For Indiana residents needing support from anywhere in the state. Online counseling helps make my counseling and therapy services accessible with ease. Virtual counseling assists with reducing the barriers of attending and you won’t get stressed with traffic.


Empowerment coaching for introverted and highly sensitive women entrepreneurs who are ready to end the self-worth hustle, prevent burn out, and find balance between their professional and personal life, so they can have deeper connections with their partners and themselves again.

Click here or image to be redirected to my coaching services. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is for you if you are ready to move forward in your life, let go of old limiting beliefs, and take action on your goals.

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