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Online Therapy in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana

Helping Teen Girls and Women Stop Feeling Anxious and Start Feeling Calm

Does this sound like you or your teen daughter?

  • You are worried all the time
  • Not sleeping well-trouble falling asleep or waking up often
  • Feel overwhelmed and think you can’t get anything done
  • Feel disconnected from friends and family
  • Think you will never going to get to or finish all the things on my to-do list
  • Stressed out more days than not

Whether you learned how to be a great “worrier”, haven’t dealt with past trauma or your anxiety is making you feel sad and tearful, it is possible to change and no longer be stuck in fears.

Therapy for Anxious Teen Girls

Counseling can help your teenager start to enjoy life as a teen, gain an understanding of what fuels her anxiety so she can stop it, have a safe space to express herself, and learn ways to manage intense and difficult emotions.

Therapy for Stressed Women

Can help you express yourself in a more direct way, no longer be consumed by what other people think, and figure out what causes you stress and ways to manage it.

Therapy for Trauma

Coming Soon

Therapy for Highly Sensitive Teens

Coming soon….

Hi, I’m Nicole

I help teen girls, women, and moms overcome their struggles with worry and stress with therapy in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

I provide a non-judgemental space where you can safely express what’s bothering you and where we collaborate on finding your path towards feeling better.

Online Counseling with Nicole Burgess LMFT for Worried and Anxious Females

Online Counseling

For Indiana residents needing support from anywhere in the state. 

Frequently Asked Questions from Stressed and Anxious Women
Nicole Burgess is an Introvert Empowerment Mentor

Professional Coaching for Women

Leadership and Empowerment coaching for professional women.

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