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Helping Teen Girls and Women Stop Feeling Anxious and Start Feeling Calm


  • Online individual therapy sessions for women
  • Online individual and/or family sessions for teen girls
Online therapy for teen girls and women of Indiana with Nicole Burgess LMFT

Nicole Burgess Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has been counseling women and teen girls for almost 20 years. She is compassionate yet direct with her clients who are ready to move through previous traumas and overcome anxiety.

Nicole Burgess LMFT

Therapy for Women

Can help you express yourself in a more direct way, no longer be consumed by what other people think, and figure out what causes you stress and ways to manage it.

Therapy for Teen Girls

Counseling can help your teenager start to enjoy life as a teen, gain an understanding of what fuels her anxiety so she can stop it, have a safe space to express herself, and learn ways to manage intense and difficult emotions.

Coaching for Women

Coaching for high achieving and highly sensitive professional women 

Nicole Burgess LMFT

I help teen girls, women, and moms overcome their struggles with worry and stress with therapy from South Bend to Indianapolis to Evansville in Indiana. I also serve from Portland to Augusta to Bangor to Bar Harbor in Maine.

I provide a non-judgemental space where you can safely express what’s bothering you and where we collaborate on finding your path toward feeling more confident and calm.

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Counseling for Overwhelmed Women

Whether you learned how to be a great “worrier”, haven’t dealt with past trauma or your anxiety is making you feel sad and tearful, it is possible to change and no longer be stuck in fears. Contact Nicole Today!

Online Therapy

Online counseling removes the barriers of traffic, road construction, and drive time. It is easy and convenient plus has been around for decades. Research shows it is as effective as in-person therapy and it removes the concerns of contracting COVID.

Anxious Teen Girl Therapy

If you are proactive about your daughter’s health and she is motivated to find relief from her symptoms, teen counseling can not only be very effective, but it can change the course of her life so that anxiety doesn’t continue to be a hurdle down the road. I offer a safe space for your daughter to openly express her innermost concerns and provide the tips and techniques she needs to effectively mitigate her anxious thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. 

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

My Approach & Philosophy

I am passionate about helping teen girls and women in overcoming their struggles and being all that they can be in life. I find it a privilege to walk alongside my clients as they take back their life from anxiety and being stressed out and move into a healthier way of living their life. On their terms! With me, you can feel scared and empowered at the same time. With me, you can take off your mask that you show the world and be your authentic self.

I incorporate mindfulness practices, spirituality, and cognitive behavioral techniques into my approach with you. At times you will be encouraged to journal and do other “assignments” outside of the therapy session to continue your journey in healing.


I did Launching Your Daughter podcast for a couple of years and have some blog posts you can read.

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Ending the Worry Habit Loop

If you need on-going support to manage your worries or fears I invite you to contact me today for your free 20 min consult. Do you struggle with worrying and have a behavior to relieve the emotion, but it no longer serves you? You may have developed a worry loop...

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Saying No More to Stressed Out or Anxious

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