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Are You Concerned About Your Anxious Teen?

Does your teenage girl appear to be constantly withdrawn or on edge? Have you noticed changes in her sleeping or eating habits, such as struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep or insomnia? Does she complain about physical discomforts, such as headaches, nausea, rashes or an increased heart rate? Perhaps she struggles to move on from mistakes and over commits at school, work and in extracurricular activities. Her drive to succeed can become over-consuming and even paralyzing. Perhaps her rapid and sometimes illogical thoughts negatively influence her self-esteem, ability to focus and relationships with family and friends. Do you wish you had the insight to help her find relief and effectively manage her anxiety?

Watching your teen suffer from intense anxiety can be a troubling, frustrating and even frightening experience, especially if the stress has begun expressing itself through panic attacks. Additionally, attending to your child’s needs can be confusing. You want her to excel in school, sports, her job and future endeavors, but know that something isn’t right. You want to encourage her however you can, but you may struggle to know how, especially as she becomes more introverted, defiant or distracted.


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