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Are you struggling to find balance in the day-to-day without feeling guilty you didn’t get everything on your list done? Or maybe you’re plagued with thoughts of  you are “not good enough.” Maybe old hurts and even past traumas keep resurfacing and you just don’t feel like yourself. You can’t seem to turn your mind off, yet that is what you want to do in order to stop worrying.

It’s time to do something to care for your own emotional, mental, and physical health.

Women's Counseling with Nicole Burgess LMFT

Anxiety and Depression are the most common mental health issues among women—and it doesn’t need to be

If you are proactive about improving your mental wellbeing, open to change (even though it can feel scary), and are motivated to find relief from your symptoms, counseling for women like you can not only be very effective, but it can change the course of your life so that anxiety or depression doesn’t continue holding you back.

I offer a safe and compassionate space for you to openly express your innermost thoughts and provide the tips and techniques you need to effectively quiet your anxious thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

I work collaboratively in counseling women in setting up realistic goals such as healthier boundaries with their children or partner, assertive communication skills, and establishing self-care routines to replenish them. During our sessions together, I can help you identify, understand, and address what’s fueling your anxiety. You can feel safe and supported as you explore the events or moments that increase your fears or worries, negative thought patterns, intense emotions, and old beliefs that cause you to personalize what’s going on around you.

Through our work together you will learn mindfulness skills, begin to unlearn unhelpful thoughts, and (re)gain a restorative connection with yourself and others. My approach is holistic and seeks to combine the mind, body, and spirit to promote lasting mental and physical health. By healing and connecting all of these elements, I believe everyone is capable of change and attaining happiness.

You can grow and thrive when you have the support of a dedicated therapist

Part of my job is to create a safe container, so you feel comfortable sharing your vulnerabilities. I witness your hurts and fears and celebrate your joys with you too. Right now, you feel overwhelmed. You may be dealing with your children leaving for college, divorce, or working through childhood trauma. Perhaps you are trying to find yourself and your voice after sacrificing yourself for others for too long. This may be the time for you to address the anxiety, depression, or abuse that keeps you from living a satisfying, beautiful life. As your therapist, I will help you clear the old behaviors that keep you stuck. This is your chance to explore the inner world you have been hiding from the world.  In sessions, I help you pause and notice the relationship between your mind and your body. You have a chance to experience the physical nature of your emotions instead of bottling up discomfort and pain. I call it an experiential approach but you might call it getting in touch with how you really feel.

Questions or concerns you may have about counseling for women…

I’m worried about the investment.

I encourage you to think of counseling as investing in your long-term wellbeing and knowing how to flex when life throws you curve balls or obstacles. If you have been struggling with anxiety or worry for a long time, these symptoms are unlikely to go away on their own and may even worsen. Ongoing and persistently high levels of stress can impact mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as your intimate relationships. Counseling for women who struggle with anxiety can provide you with the skills you need to navigate these problems now and in the future. It’s about getting you back to where you feel whole, confident, and can maintain calm even during chaotic moments.

I’ve heard therapy can take a long time.

Although therapy takes a certain level of commitment (in and out of session) to be effective, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will take a long time for you to experience the positive effects of this work. In fact, it usually takes 2-4 sessions for you to begin feeling less worried and overwhelmed.

While I am unable to say exactly how many sessions you will need many women I counsel take anywhere between 12-24 sessions. This amount of sessions allows them to be actively practicing new skills and seeing improved changes in various areas of their life while having support.

If you have been suffering from uncontrollable worry, sleeping issues, feelings of shame, an inability to slow down, or irritability, getting help may be critical. Seeking intervention now, before your anxiety becomes any worse or turns into depression, can help you develop the healthy coping and stress management skills you’ll need to support your family, your wellbeing, and your work.

Counseling Can Help You Heal

If you’re ready to be proactive about your emotional, mental and physical health, I invite you to call 317-840-0490 or contact me here for a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn if my approach would be a good match for you. Everyone is capable of living a happier and healthier life and I invite you to begin that journey today.


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