Nicole Burgess shares 15 tips from mother's to their daughters

Over the years I have had various pieces of advice given to me from being a female, what it is like growing up, what to do in relationships, how to communicate, and more. Below is some tips mothers would like their daughters to know.

  1. If someone tells you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl do it anyway, and do it better.
  2. Your weight does not define you.
  3. A smile is your best accessory.
  4. It’s okay to like pink things and play with toy trucks at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive.
  5. You will always remember your first love, so choose wisely.
  6. Meet someone who makes you laugh so hard your stomach and cheeks hurt.
  7. Be gentle with other people’s feelings. Everyone is fighting their own battle.
  8. Don’t waste your life gossiping about other people. You have so many more interesting and helpful things to talk about.
  9. Inner beauty is so much more important than outer beauty. Sometimes people’s best qualities are things that aren’t as obvious as looks.
  10. 10.Don’t compare yourself to others-it steals your joy.
  11. 11.Your light shines brighter now when you try to blow other girls’ lights out.
  12. 12.If people are talking about you, you know you are not boring!
  13. 13.Your lines show your life, your persona. Smile!
  14. 14.Enter and stay in a relationship for the right reasons.
  15. 15.Most fairy tales were written by men.

Create your own life

No matter what advice you are given as an adult woman or teenage girl, it is your life and you are responsible for the choices you make in it. To all of the women who have come before us and blazed the trails, thank you for your courage, strength, and advice.

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess

LMFT and Transformation Life Coach

Nicole Burgess works with teen girls and women in overcoming anxiety, perfectionism and rediscovering joy. She offers both office and online therapy sessions for Indiana and California residents. She is also a life coach for mothers wanting to break free from the myth of being a perfect mom and reclaiming their wholeness as a woman.