Lisa Marchiano LCSW and Jungian Analyst discusses importance of self-care, creativity for moms and roles of fairy tales

Today’s is Lisa Marchiano, is a licensed clinical social worker and Jungian analyst. She has a private practice located in Philadelphia, PA and works with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, past traumas and grief and loss. She likes to work with myths, dreams, and fairy tales in her practice.

Myths, fairy tales, and archetypes

  • Lisa discusses what it is to be a Jungian analyst
  • Jung stated we don’t stop growing psychology-it is a life long journey
  • Lisa shares her experience of being a mother and doing Jungian training
  • Parenting has its challenges and it can help parents continue to grow

Why self-care is important for mothers

  • Self-care can help mothers staying connected to themselves
  • Motherhood can increase creativity
  • Giving yourself permission to set time aside for creative outlet
  • Can help you focus more vs trying to make the situation perfect
  • Role models to children
  • Creativity can feed our soul
  • Split off from creativity due to motherhood
    • Lisa shares how Rumpelstiltskin fairytale mirrors splitting off part of self and reintegration
    • How JK Rowling’s childhood experience with her dad impacted her creativity and relationships
  • Stories that were created from ancestors and challenging them
    • Can nurture your creativity and children
    • Changing from “either/or” to “both/and” language
  • Being mindful of not making your children the excuse for not practicing self-care, staying connected to self or pursuing your dreams
  • When we don’t make time for ourselves it can increase feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and depression

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