What is imposter syndrome?

Anytime you think are a fake or fraud.

Maybe you have had thoughts of  “who am I to be sharing my writing with the world?” or “Who am I to share my expertise?”

Imposter Syndrome impacts both genders and can occur at any age.

Why? Because when you are getting out of your comfort zone, going toward a dream or goal you want to achieve in your life, the naysayer or inner critic or whatever you name that voice that tells you that you aren’t enough…you know you are stretching yourself.

For any of my mom’s watching who have an adolescent daughter, you may remember episode 6 on Launching Your Daughter podcast I share Amy Cuddy’s book called Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges. She discussed how imposter syndrome has impacted everyone at some point in time in their life and is across demographics. One aspect I love so much about this book is her emphasis on the body/mind connection. How when we have more awareness of how our bodies feel we are more present. She shares various power stances in the book to help you feel more empowered in your body, which can shift your emotions.

This is what I help with for teen girls and women I see in my practice. I help them pause more to gain more awareness of how their minds and bodies are connected. How when they are stretching themselves, trying something new, changing careers, starting a family, that self-doubt and worry will occur, it is normal, and that as they continue to embrace their new behaviors their mindset begins to follow. You are seeing yourself as the person you want to become. You are taking action vs getting stuck in the worry loop.

It is completely normal to feel like an imposter at times in your life. Know that you are making changes the feel uncomfortable and as you embrace the discomfort you are growing. You are learning more about you.


Write down a time in your life you felt outside your comfort zone.

What did you do that helped you through those moments of doubts or fears?

Who was your support system?

What did you do for self-care?

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Nicole Burgess

CEO|LMFT|Empowerment Coach for Women

Nicole Burgess works with teen girls and women in overcoming anxiety, over functioning, and rediscovering joy. She offers online therapy sessions for Indiana residents. She is also a life & business coach for introverted, HSP, and high achieving professional women.