Your financial well-being impacts your stress

Do you worry about how you are going to pay the next bill?

Or do you avoid looking at your bills or bank statement and in hopes things will “just work out somehow”?

Or maybe you were not taught how to manage your finances or create a budget.

Over the years I have worked with women, parents, and teens in changing their behaviors around finances. I have witnessed women walk into my office with more confidence because they have reduced their expenses, have money in the bank for the first time in months (and sometimes ever) and are following their budget to stay out of debt.

But Nicole you work with anxiety and mindfulness-how does this relate to finances?

My experience as a therapist and working in the accounting field in the past assists me in coaching women in underlying money blocks and changing behaviors. Exploring your stories or beliefs about money allows to your re-awaken the deeper more authentic you.

I love diving deep into the human psyche and unlock those places that have been hidden or are in the shadows. When we shine the light on those areas, you begin to live with more ease, feel more confident and can improve your relationship not only with yourself but those in your life.

Money LOVES clarity.

When you are clear with your values then you control where and how you save, give and spend your money.

I’m going to challenge you to begin to get curious about your money mindset.

  • Write down what you were told about money growing up
  • How did your parents manage or not manage money

If you want more support and not go this alone, then call me today. I offer money mentoring packages where we dive deep into your money story and get into the practical of “How To” creating a budget for 60 minutes, then through three 30-minute phone or video sessions for the next 3 or 6 months to maintain focus and create new habits. Call now for your free 20 minute consult to reduce your stress and regain confidence about your finances. 

Nicole Burgess LMFT and Money Mentor to stressed and overwhelmed women

Nicole Burgess

CEO & Empowerment and Money Mentor to overwhelmed and stressed out women