Parenting Support During Coronavirus

To watch the podcast click the video belowTo listen to audio only or download click the podcast player belowThis was originally published on March 28, 2020 on Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast.   Some highlights from this episode-Parenting during Coronavirus: If your...

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Reframing Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome? Anytime you think are a fake or fraud. Maybe you have had thoughts of  “who am I to be sharing my writing with the world?" or "Who am I to share my expertise?" Imposter Syndrome impacts both genders and can occur at any age. Why? Because...

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Ending the Worry Habit Loop

If you need on-going support to manage your worries or fears I invite you to contact me today for your free 20 min consult. Do you struggle with worrying and have a behavior to relieve the emotion, but it no longer serves you? You may have developed a worry loop...

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Womens Money Stories

In my last vlog, I discussed how money and stress are related. Money continues to be one of the top three stressors in relationships. Today I want to talk about beliefs or stories surrounding money. Money stories can keep you afraid of earning more, asking for a...

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Managing Finances and Stress for Women

Your financial well-being impacts your stress Do you worry about how you are going to pay the next bill? Or do you avoid looking at your bills or bank statement and in hopes things will “just work out somehow”? Or maybe you were not taught how to manage your finances...

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15 Tips from Mothers to daughters

Over the years I have had various pieces of advice given to me from being a female, what it is like growing up, what to do in relationships, how to communicate, and more. Below is some tips mothers would like their daughters to know. If someone tells you...

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Mother and daughter relationship balance

Mothers raising a teenage daughter can be a blessing and be frustrating at times. Below are some reminders in supporting your relationship with her and for yourself as she becomes a young adult. How to balance her pulling away and yet still needing you. You want her...

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Don’t Lose Yourself in Motherhood

I have heard this often over the years with the mothers I worked with, “Nicole I don’t have time to exercise or have quiet time for me.” Whether your daughter (or son) is one week old or in their 20’s and living at home, you have to take time for you. It is not being...

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