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All Counseling and Therapy is online/virtual for girls and women in Indiana! 

I have been offering online sessions for over 5 years. It is as effective as in person sessions.

You ARE Enough

Counseling for Women

You’re in the midst of a tender, challenging time in your life.

You’re struggling to find balance in the day-to-day. You’re plagued with thoughts of “not good enough.” Old hurts and even past traumas keep resurfacing and you just don’t feel like yourself.

It’s time to do something to care for your own emotional, mental, and physical health, but how?

You’re invited to look at your life from a different perspective

Let’s explore a lush backyard garden together. I know you feel too busy taking care of everyone else to linger long, but give it a chance. Walk beside me and you’ll see countless varieties of  lilies growing in the sunshine, in the pasture, and in the tightest corners.

When I’m not in my office with therapy clients, I love to garden. Planting and tending the flowers teaches me so much about the seasons and cycles of life, what it means to be grounded and centered, and how and when to offer extra care.

A garden can be a place to learn, to connect, and grow. It can show you so much about a woman’s life. The truth is, women are like lilies – diverse, beautiful, and resilient.

For women and for flowers, there are seasons of growth and hibernation. Those periods of change can be stressful and even painful. And, just as lilies need a dedicated gardener, women need support in order to grow healthy roots and offer their best, most vibrant selves to the world. 

You can grow and thrive when you have the support of a dedicated therapist

I bring the teachings of the garden into every therapy session.  

Part of my job is to create a safe container, so you feel comfortable sharing your vulnerabilities. I witness your hurts and fears and celebrate your joys with you too.

Right now, you feel overwhelmed. You may be dealing with loss or changing relationships. Perhaps you are trying to find yourself and your voice after sacrificing yourself for others for too long. This may be the time for you to address the anxiety, depression, or abuse that keeps you from living a satisfying, beautiful life.

A gardener must prune back the vines that choke out the flowers. As your therapist, I will help you clear the old behaviors that keep you stuck. This is your chance to explore the inner world you have been hiding from the world.

One of the many things I love about working with plants and soil is the way they help you get in touch with your own body. Imagine a petal brushing your hand or smelling your favorite flower. Emotions well up and you can actually feel them move inside you.

In sessions, I help you pause and notice the relationship between your mind and your body. You have a chance to experience the physical nature of your emotions instead of bottling up discomfort and pain. I call it an experiential approach but you might call it getting in touch with how you really feel.

Become the gardener who cultivates your own life

As a woman, you need care, compassion, and support. You also need to learn how to practice compassionate self-care. Through our work together you will learn mindfulness skills, discover how to set healthier boundaries, and begin to unlearn unhelpful thoughts and narratives.

During sessions, we’ll slow the pace of life so you can begin to reclaim who you are and what it is you want others to see and know about you. We may pause to practice silence or deep breathing. Or, we may use more creative and expressive ways to explore that inner world like picking up a pen to draw or experiment with moving the body in a slightly different way.

Together, we can dig deeper into what you want in life, grow your assertiveness, and harvest a restorative connection with yourself and others. You become the gardener who cultivates relationships, balance, and joy and knows how to nourish you.

Everyone is capable of living a happier and healthier life and I invite you to begin that journey today. Contact me today to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. I’m located close to Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Broad Ripple.


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