Brenda and Susan share how their story books help anxious young girls and picky eaters

My guests today is Susan Sweet PhD and Brenda Miles PhD. Susan is a clinical psychologist and mother of two.She has worked in hospital, school, and community-based settings and is passionate about children’ mental health and well-being. Susan hopes worries never overshadow anyone’s dreams.

Brenda is a pediatric neuropsychologist who has worked in hospital, rehabilitation, and school settings. Brenda has conquered her fear of writing, despite the risk of rejections, revisions, and writer’s block. As for her other fears, she’s still working on them. 

Susan and Brenda have co-authored Princes Penelopea Hates Peas: A Tale of Picky Eating and Avoiding Catastropeas, King Calm: Mindful Gorilla in the City, Cinderstella: A Tale of Planets Not Princes, Jacqueline and the Beanstalk: A Tale of Facing Giant Fears, and Chicken or Egg: Who Comes First? These books are written for ages four to eight.

Why write the books for young girls?

  • Worked together and decided to write a book about picky eating
  • Retelling of fairy tales and combing psychology with creativity
  • Early interventions helps build resilience and healthy habits
  • Picture books open up dialog and communicate in way for young children
  • Mental and physical health impact one another
  • Stories can help change thought patterns regarding eating habits and anxiety management
  • Fun to write and “our brains crave stories”-Brenda
  • Parent and caregiver notes in back of book

What are concerns of parents with young girls?

  • Parents want the best for the children, but put a lot of pressure on themselves
  • Parents wonder when should I address issue
  • Books are about non-judgment
  • Want skills to help children be successful
  • Times is limited so having two pages in back of book with condense information from vetted sources

Words of encouragement for parents

  • If your young daughter is struggling with anxiety it can be addressed and improved-we are able to rewire the brain with evidenced based practices
  • Anxiety can help keep us safe as long as it is manageable
  • Doesn’t reflect on skills of parents-anxiety is common and parents are not alone
  • Explore other factors that may contribute to anxiety symptoms

Susan’s Information

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