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Managing expectations and letting go in families

Today’s episode I share how parents can learn to manage their expectations of their daughters, explore their own emotions and how assertive communication skills come into play. Relationships are work whether it is a parent/child or friendship or partnership. When we project our expectations onto the other person, then we create our own frustrations or suffering vs letting go of the outcome.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Managing expectations
  • Using assertive communication
  • Staying the course parents

Managing expectations from parents to their children:

  • Expecting another person to do what you say when you say it or they way you think they should do it
  • Timing matters of when you make a request-is your daughter in the middle of another activity or in a different room vs you have eye contact with her
  • Chores-give your daughter a designated time to complete chores or create a chart to be a reminder
  • Listen to episode Episode 23 on communication styles and using assertive communication
  • Remember your tween/teen daughter is growing her autonomy and may not need you to tell her how to manage her time
    • One role as parent is to keep structure and support vs being able to control another person
  • Listen to Episode 2 on family meetings-talk about what is working and what is not
  • Slow conversation down-
    • If become angry or frustrated-explore your inner why-is fear driving or worry or feeling abandon or being taken for granted
    • Take a conflict time-out if needed then come back to issue
  • Continue to role model self-care

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