Parent and teen daughter relationship with Nicole Burgess LMFT

Listen in on ways parents and caregivers can either deepen their relationship with their teen daughter or create a bigger divide. Over the years teenagers have shared their frustrations with me about what their parents do or don’t do in building a relationship with them. These suggestions are areas to reflect on, discuss during family meetings, explore how to improve or change current behaviors both as parents or as teens. 

In this episode you will learn: Relationship

  • Actively listening to your teenager without judgment or trying to fix
  • Grilling your teen with questions
  • Be mindful of not stereotyping your teen behaviors
  • Chores, timing, hidden agendas, and compliance
  • Family meetings
  • Conflicts and apologies-this is repair work in the relationship; embracing imperfections
  • Social media-do NOT publish embarrassing photos or video about your child-causes shame, humiliation, and damages your relationship with your teenager
  • Not sweating the small stuff and choosing conflict wisely
  • Criticizing or nitpicking your teen daughter or giving feedback with love and respect
  • Putting down your teens appearance vs self-expression
  • Being on the phone, social media or with friends vs being with your teen
  • Comparing your children to one another or other teens-creates self-doubt, sense of unworthiness
  • Expectations at extracurricular activities-criticizing your child or belittling their performance
  • Working together as a team vs placing the problem between your relationship

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