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Maggie Wray PhD shares tips on time management and organization for families and teens

My guest today is Dr. Maggie Wray. She is a psychologist, mentor and life coach in the Atlanta, GA area. Maggie has Ph.D. in Neurobiology & Behavior from Cornell and is a success coach for teens and young adults. A fun fact about Maggie is she has a Bachelor degree in astrophysics from Princeton. She shares tips and tricks in time management, improving your focus muscle and organization.

Getting to the Why in Time Management

  • Maggie shares her personal journey into why she coaches
  • She is a certified academic coach and ADHD coach
  • Time management is the challenge for teens and young adults vs the IQ
  • Executive functioning part of the brain is still developing until mid 20’s
  • What are skills and habits needed to be successful
  • Mindset is a critical piece to time management
  • Help your teen get to the “why” it matters to them

Training yourself to Focus

  • During teen years parents become more of consultant vs manager
  • Parents stay curious with your daughter’s distractors and explore with her
  • There are ways to block internet distractions during time of focus
  • Training yourself to go more into deep focus vs FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Multitasking is a myth
  • Building a focus muscle

Planners, calendars, and organization

  • Have a family calendar-helps decrease uncertainty for your daughter
  • Teenagers having their own planner-track what you need to do
  • Can reflect on if over scheduling your family or your daughter is overwhelmed
  • Or does your teen have too much time which can increase procrastinating or lack of structure
  • Explore your teens fear of “If I have time off”
  • Decluttering vs organization
  • Daily and weekly routine


  • It is not about being lazy or unmotivated
  • High achievers-typically how they are handling emotions regarding that task
  • Self-forgiveness is key
  • How brainstorming helps
  • Focusing on starting
  • Get into ACTION

Maggie’s information:


Free PDF from Maggie: CreatingPositiveFutures.com/Nicole

Resources (Some are affiliate links)

Khan Academy

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō