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Investing in yourself as a parent, caregiver or in your daughter-coaching vs psychotherapy services

Today’s episode I discuss why investing in yourself as a parent, caregiver or investing in your adolescent is important. I will also discuss the differences between coaching and psychotherapy.

Why investing in yourself or your daughter is necessary

  • Everyone has their blind spots or shadows
  • Investing in yourself is supporting your mind, body, and spiritual self
  • Whether investing in coaching services or mental health services you are gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, where you want to be and/or healing past hurts, traumas or gaining support in improving your mental health
  • Investing in your daughter allows her to change current behavior patterns into being more confident or having an empowered mindset for her adult life
    • Healing from a traumatic event(s)
    • Gain coping skills to manage worries and fears
    • Learn skills sets in habits, communication skills, organization and more
  • Making small or big changes impacts your future

Coaching vs Psychotherapy

  • There are different kinds of coaching
    • Business
    • Parenting
    • Life
    • Health
    • Spiritual
  • Coaching does not treat mental health disorders or do mental health evaluations
  • Confidentiality is different with coaching than medical or law confidentiality
  • Life coaching is to create, develop and facilitate your personal, professional or business goals.
  • Life coaching is to develop and to implement a strategy, plan, and/or program that is designed to achieve your goals
  • In coaching, you are motivated and take responsibility for all your actions and decisions
  • There are certification programs for coaches, but not regulated as it is for mental health professionals
  • Psychotherapy or mental health counseling can diagnosis mental health issues and disorders
  • Psychotherapy looks more at your past and/or family of origin issues
  • Mental health professional attends graduate program (either master’s level or doctoral level), depending on state has a specific amount of therapy hours to achieve under supervision, then can take licensure test
  • Mental health professional can offer both types of services but can NOT treat the same person under each service

If you are wanting to improve your communication skills, gain clarity in what you want to pursue in your life after your daughter moves out or rediscover yourself call Nicole TODAY to set-up a phone interview.