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Mother's Day can be a mixture of celebration and sorrow

Today’s episode I discuss Mother’s Day can be a time to celebrate and share how much you appreciate what you mom has done for you over the years. For others, it can be a day of sorrow, remembrance or pain. Whether this day brings you happiness or sorrow or pain, giving yourself permission to be where you and taking care of yourself is important.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Sharing and celebrating what you appreciate about your mother
  • Remembering and creating ritual around the loss of your mom
  • Reflecting on a painful past and remembering the women who were like moms to you

Celebrating Mother’s Day

  • Time for children, partners, and others in sharing their gratitude with the mother in their life
    • Giving flowers or gifts
    • Preparing meals for her
    • Stating how much she means to them

Remembering Mom

  • If you have lost your mother, it is normal to feel sadness and happiness on this day
    • Allow yourself to visit her grave site
    • Light a candle in memory
    • Look at family photos or watch family videos
  • Partners, Children, Family Members
    • Ask her how you can support her during this time
    • Reflect her sorrow or missing her mom to her
    • Can’t take the pain from her, but can be there for her

Abusive Mom

  • Growing up in an environment where there was neglect, physical and emotional abuse is not only traumatic but can create some painful memories
  • Remember the abuse was not your fault
  • It is ok to reach out to other women in your life who were a mother figure to you

How to Cope

  • Can express what and who you are grateful for
  • Write in your journal
  • Meditate
  • Take a walk in nature