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Girls Inc empowering teen girls to be strong, bold and smart. Indianapolis, IN

Today’s guest is LaTasha Hudson, Vice President of Development and Public Relations for Girls Inc here in Indianapolis, IN. She has been the  Director of Programs for 5 years and has the most direct program experience within our organization. She has a passion for serving girls in our community.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Mission of Girls Inc
  • How parents can get involved and/or teach their daughter life skills
  • Programs, camps, and STEM

Mission of Girls Inc

    • [spp-tweet tweet=”Girls Inc mission is to teach girls “to be strong, smart and bold””]
    • About 83 affiliates throughout country including Canada
      • May provide girls clubs or program outreach
    • Program outreach-removes transportation barriers and can reach more girls
    • Greater Indianapolis chapter provide interactive programs
      • Teach about self-esteem, negative messages they hear/see, bullying, building critical thinking skills, etc
      • Been around since 1969
    • Girls from ages 6 to 18 yrs old
    • Break into age and developmental appropriate groups

How can parents get involved?

    • Check out resource page on their website
    • Programs available
      • Girls Inc Day
      • Summer camp-4 weeks long
        • Focus on different areas: Self-esteem, nutrition, college and future plans, etc
      • Parents role model the behavior you want to see
      • Be mindful of what you say about yourself

What is Girls Inc Day and why it is important for our girls

    • Focuses on STEM-Science Technology Engineering and Math
    • By age of 9 girls begin to worry about what others think vs focus on their future interests
    • Skills can be learned and improved upon
    • Partner with local universities
    • Helps girls learn teamwork and gain confidence in own abilities vs rely solely on parent

Girls Inc Information:

Website: http://girlsincindy.org/

National: http://www.girlsinc.org/

Resources: http://www.girlsinc.org/resources/girls-inc-resources.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GirlsIncIndy

Other Resources:

Dove Self-esteem project