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In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about mindfulness and a product I use that helps me meditate called Muse. Studies have shown that mindfulness and meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and increase gray matter in our brains. The increase in the gray matter can improve our brain health, cognitive abilities, and awareness. As we gain more self-awareness and are more in the present moment, then we are able to show up in relationships and fully listen. We are more able to respond to situations vs react to them, calm ourselves, and use healthier coping skills.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is mindfulness
  • Review of Muse headband for meditation practice
  • How this headband can help your teen and family

What is mindfulness

  • Being present or in the moment
  • Observing your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations without judgment
  • Focusing on your breath
  • Paying attention “on purpose”
  • Anxiety is wanting you to focus on future events you do not have control over
  • Depression is about you focusing on past events and staying stuck
  • Studies show meditation can reduce stress, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression and improve creativity, connection, and awareness
  • Improve self-compassion

What I like about the Muse Headband:

  • Choose from different soundscapes
  • Customize the amount of time you meditate
  • Tracks your progress
  • Shows three different categories of where your brain waves were: calm, neutral and active
  • They have different guided beginnings and you can repeat the one(s) that resonate with you
  • It reminds you that a daily practice of 5 minutes helps build a habit-i.e. for me if I don’t want to sit for 20 to 30 min it is ok
  • Love hearing the birds when my mind is calm.
  • You can use this and other family members can too
  • Role model and share how your meditation practice is helping you stay calm
  • Download an app to your phone
  • Receive emails from Muse showing achievements, giving words of encouragement and more

Where I struggle with the headband:

  • Can get a little competitive with myself
  • At times have gotten frustrated when my mind is ‘active’ and the “storms” of the soundscape increase. (You can change the volume so that is a plus!)
    • This allows me to refocus and practice self-compassion and non-judgment of where I am at the moment

Affiliation Discloser

I’m an affiliate with Muse. What this means is I receive a small commission if you buy from Muse from this link

Muse Headband and box it came in
Nicole wearing Muse headband and earbuds