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Holistic approach in using mindfulness and herbal medicine for mood management

Today’s guest is Chonteau McElvin and she is located in Winter Garden, FL. Chonteau is often called a Modern Day Medicine Woman and she has been empowering women to tap into their inner wise woman for over 20 years. Chonteau spent over half of her social work career empowering and teaching teen girls about mindfulness and the importance of sacred ritual. She now has a thriving intuitive coaching practice where  she supports mostly women, awaken their authentic selves through archetypal awareness, energy medicine and other shamanic healing methods.  She recently founded  Soul Care University, a distance learning and virtual healing center that focuses on one’s soul nourishment and self care through the sacred healing practices of nature therapy, mindfulness, herbs, and ritual. Chonteau continues to teach mindfulness to teen girls and is working on an e-course The Mindful Diva-Meditation and Moonbeams For Teen Girls.  Chonteau brings Folk Healing to a modern world that desperately needs to slow down, reconnect to nature and cultivate self compassion.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Purpose of doing mindfulness
  • How supporting mothers impact their daughters
  • What is herbal medicine

Chonteau’s work with teen girls

  • She shares personal story of wanting to heal her own inner adolescent part
  • Worked with teenage girls for over 13 years
  • “Planting Seeds” with them and teen girls returning as adults sharing how it impacted their lives
  • Taught them mindfulness, to be present with themselves
  • Sharing teas and discussing that tea blend with them
  • Using essential oils in her office-staff and clients would want to know more

Working with women

  • Mother’s share their struggle with their teenage daughter, usually mother’s inner teenage part needs healing
    • Explore parts of self through alternative methods-archetypal, energy work, herbal medicine
  • Work with plants themselves to create blends for baths
  • As inner parts of self are healed then it can improve relationship with own children

What is herbal medicine

  • [spp-tweet tweet=”It’s all about the relationship”] between plants and humans
  • Introduce person to a particular plant and see how both of them connect
  • Chonteau uses intuition about herbs that may connect with person and she shares those suggestions
  • Typically suggests beginning with an herbal tea due-mild and non harmful
  • Can smell and taste the different blends in the tea
  • Begin the journey in exploring how they feel and what do they notice
  • Similar process with herbal baths or using essential oils
  • She discussed Rosemary Gladstar’s book to begin to understand more about herbs
  • Also shares Gayle Faith Edwards work
  • She shares how soaking in a bath or soaking your feet begins reconciliation, mindfulness and changes our vibration
  • For mother’s creating this ritual creates ‘me time’ which is good self-care

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Chonteau’s Information:

Website: www.Chonteau.com

Soul Care University www.soulcareu.com

Other Resources:

Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal: A Guide to Living Life with Energy, Health, and Vitality

Her Website 

Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs by Gayle Faith Edwards  (Currently out of stock)