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Introverts vs Extroverts: Impacts parents connections with teen daughters

Today’s guest is Stacey Horn who is a personal development coach specializing in relationships, and a clinical hypnotist in Colorado. In this episode she discusses the power of introverts and how the different temperaments can affect relationships between parents and their teen daughters. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Stacey shares her personal experience of her relationship with her mom as a teen and how she is changing that with her daughter
  • Ray W Lincoln’s book “I’m a Keeper” was recommended to her years ago and she has incorporated his teachings into her professional work
  • She uses Temperament Key by Ray W Lincoln and focuses on strengths
    • How do you restore your batteries?
      • Staying in or going out with others
      • Takes introverts longer to process and respond
    • How do you take in information of the world?
      • Use of five senses is “S”
      • Or through sixth sense is “N”
    • How do you make decisions?
      • Thoughts and analysis is “T”
      • Or how do I feel or how others may feel is “F”
        • Hear differences in peoples use of language “I think” or “I feel”
    • Lifestyle preferences
          • “J”-make decision and move on; Clear sense of time
          • “P”-like to keep options open or until all information is in; Different awareness of time
    • Every client completes a temperament key
    • This helps tailor hypnosis treatment
    • Four temperament categories
      • SP-someone in the moment
      • SJ-sensory and driven; and motivated by responsibility
      • NT-analytical and intuitive; techies; show little emotion but feel it deeply
      • NF-intuitive and feeling; healers, counselors, nurses; more of 6th sense-a knowing vs clearly defined
      • Stacey is NF (saw lot of gray area) and her mom was SJ (saw things as black/white)-struggled during teen years
      • Wants to help stop the disconnect between mothers and daughters


  • Short term work
  • Work with individuals then may share results between mother and daughter in how to bridge differences
  • Can refer clients to books to gather more information
  • Shares personal example of her past as a teen getting involved with substances due to being highly sensitive. She sees similar substance use with her adult clients “using substances to self medicate that sensitivity.”
  • Having this knowledge may help teens prevent them from going through this.

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Stacey’s Information:


She does temperament and hypnosis work

Book Recommendations:

All by Ray W Lincoln- Innerkinetics (for parents), I’m a Keeper and I’m Still a Keeper