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Laughter can help reduce stress with parents and teen girls

Today’s guest is NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks, licensed clinical social worker and addiction counselor, certified laughter yoga leader and certified empowerment coach in energy leadership here in Indianapolis, IN. She works with teen girls, adults and families to develop, strengthen, and enhance positive relationships with self and others through the understanding and use of laughter in therapy. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why laughter is used during sessions
  • No she doesn’t tell jokes
  • Parents come in frustrated with their teen daughter’s behavior
    • She works with them in stopping and reflecting on events and behaviors and may begin to laugh at themselves for how they responded
    • Begin to change perspectives (both parents and teen daughter)
  • Embrace having “do-overs”-not about perfection in parenting or with being a teen girl
  • Empowering families
  • “When one person in your inner circle is suffering it affects the whole unit: same when person is feeling empowered”
  • Working with millennials-parents teenage year experiences are different era than their daughter’s now
    • Social media has changed the landscape
  • She shares how relationships are built and setting up a family bonding time
  • Stay flexible during this developmental stage
  • Benefits:
    • Laughter is beneficial-helps with good oxygen levels into the body
    • Helps decrease stress-refocusing, shifts mind, “shakes the dust off”
    • In time of stress need to find clarity
    • gets endorphins going
  • Yes you can fun in therapy

NaKaisha’s contact information:


Twitter @1stladygiggles

Facebook: DUOEmpowermentServices

Phone: 323-977-8570

Email: ntblaughter@gmail.com

Other Recommendations:

YouTube videos on Laughter Yoga

Apps for phone: CALM or Headspace