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Today’s guest is Dr. Nazanin Moali, clinical psychologist in California specializing in treatment of eating disorders and addictions. She has a private practice in LA area for teens and families and is a consultant for a residential facility. Nazanin is a wealth of information regarding warning signs, the spectrum of eating disorders and the type of treatments available if your daughter is struggling with these issues. Now here is todays episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Focus on behaviors vs what adolescent says due to possible denial of an issue
  • Teen may state as “I want to eat healthier”
  • Warning Signs of potential eating disorder
    • Teenager getting and reading diet books
    • Changes in eating behaviors (out of blue become vegetarian)
    • Going to restroom during or after meal possible purging behaviors
  • Spectrum from healthy eating and self-image to unhealthy eating behavior and self-image
  • Unhealthy eating behaviors
    • Losing significant amount of weight in short amount of time
      • Can cause long term negative medical issues
      • Possible Anorexia
    • Engaging in restriction of not eating food and doing purging behavior
      • Can be the form of over-exercising
      • Using laxatives
      • Self-induced vomiting (can be learned from peers and social media)
        • Parents become more aware of possible videos daughters are watching that show them how to purge
    • Binge eating disorder-eat more than one person would typically eat. Overeating than shame triggered after behavior
    • Avoidant Food Restrictive disorder-“picky eaters”
    • Treatment options
      • Speak with your partner and daughter about possible issues, then go to pediatrician who work with eating disorder
      • If medically stable can do outpatient therapy using family based therapy so whole family is involved
      • Residential treatment maybe recommended if not getting results from outpatient or pediatrician refers due to medically not stable, like low heart rate or low blood pressure
    • Eating disorder are a combination of genetics, environment, school system environment, peers and more
    • Teen in denial and need parent to take change to get help
    • Anorexia can impact cognition and view of their world or perceptions
    • Differentiate your daughter from eating disorder
    • Maybe a perfectionist or star at school and this image can get in way of seeing issues
    • Research shows 50% of women on diet. Body shaming in media can trigger shame
    • Creating resilience and prevention:
      • Look at parts you like, what you are grateful for to shift mindset as a family
      • Have regular family meals-not only connecting but role modeling healthy foods

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Nazanin’s Information:


Book Recommendations: (Maybe affiliate link)

Helping Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder by James Lock, MD, PhD & Daniel Le Grange, PhD.