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Discover and unlock your unique parenting powers with Mercedes Samudio

Welcome! Today’s guest is Mercedes Samudio a licensed clinical social worker turned parent coach. She is located in Huntington Beach, CA. Mercedes passion to help end parent shame and empowering families comes through clearly. In today’s episode she shares her work with families in discovering their strengths, areas they are needing support and giving them tools to help navigate the tween and teen years. We also talk about perfectionism and how that impacts parenting and your teenager.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Mercedes speaks to parents in discovering and unlocking their unique parenting powers
  • She takes what the families know, explores what they need and teaches how to implement the tools she gives and what they learn on their own
  • Tween and teen parenting-more exposed with technology which changes their level of development
  • How to understand these development stages
  • What your tween/teen should be developing
  • Normalize changes
  • Helps parents guide child in healthier ways
  • Teaches communication skills
  • Trained in Nonviolent Parenting by Ruth Beaglehole
  • You as a parent help build up child development
  • Foundation is both are humans and learning to navigate this journey together
  • We all want to be seen and heard
  • Mercedes developed “Ending Parent Shame” programs due to parents feeling shamed by others
  • She wants to create a culture when we don’t treat parents that they or their children have to be perfect
  • Help them learn being a parent or being a child is the journey
  • Unlearning old family belief systems
  • Learning healthy ways of connecting is foundation of family

Ending the strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist

  • Common wants of parents:
    • Want kids to listen
    • Want others to see this beautiful child
    • Help model to children ok to have frustrations through connection
  • Shame proofing Parents
    • Flaws, strengths and all is family, not the dysfunction
    • Stopping the comparison of Pinterest posts, Facebook posts, etc
    • Fantasy of perfection
    • Ending the comparisons to other parents or families
    • You don’t know the behind-the-scenes for them to get to where they are at


  • Put down the parenting books
  • Look at your children
  • Both their strengths and weaknesses
  • Books are good foundations, but real knowledge comes with who you interact with
  • Also building in when your teen fails or makes bad decisions creating resilience

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Mercedes’s Information:

Book Recommendation (Maybe affiliate link)

Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Tina Bryson-The Whole-brain Child