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Words of encouragement from mothers to moms of teen girls

Today’s episode is words of encouragements from mother’s of adult daughters to mom’s of teenage daughters. Mothers from around the country shared what they learned when their daughters were teens and how these lessons help them create a strong bond with their adult daughters today. Being a parent of a teenager can be challenging and rewarding. It is a developmental stage in life, which means it doesn’t last forever.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Self-care is vital for mothers
  • Firm but fair boundaries
  • Self-compassion for yourself and parenting

Words of encouragement

  • Moms need to stay connected to themselves and their own wellbeing.
    • Not only for their own sanity but to model good self-care to their daughters.
  • Let the small stuff go (which is almost everything) and let their daughters learn from their mistakes – no rescuing
  • Don’t shy away from difficult conversations
  • Honesty
  • Firm but fair boundaries
  • Listening (when you’re able)
  • And constantly saying, “I still love you” no matter what
  • Be her mom vs her friend. Your daughter needs a parent.
  • Have a media free time zone
  • When listening and reflecting-asking lots of questions and being curious about their point of view without judging
  • Role model self-care during menstrual cycle and for emotional regulation
    • Exercise
    • Eating nutritious food
    • Support from family and friends
  • Listen and respond, not react
    • If you start to react, take a breather
  • Reflect her strengths to her
  • Remember being a mom (or parent) is not about perfection
  • It is about knowing yourself, your values, making mistakes and role modeling healthy communication, limit setting and apologizing at times.

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