Stuart Fensterheim LCSW discusses how parents can navigate divorce with their teen daughter

Today’s guest is Stuart Fensterheim, a licensed clinical social worker, blogger, author and podcast host.  He is located in Scottsdale, AZ. Stuart is a couples expert which means he works with couples having difficulty feeling close and connected to one another. He assists them in finding ways to deepen their relationship by understanding and sharing what each person needs in the relationship. In today’s episode, we are going to discuss divorce and how parents can navigate this with their teens.

What you will learn in today’s episode:

  • Stuart shares his personal journey of experiencing divorce as a child and how he became a couples counselor
  • Emotional connection can make or break a relationship
  • Changing one couple can positively impact the future generations 
  • Stuart shares his belief about how marriages can be saved
  • He defines a “relationship injury” and the repair work
  • How parents navigate going through a divorce with their children
    • Have to do it without blaming the partner
    • Remind your children they are not responsible for the divorce
    • Depends on age of child and how much you share
    • Parents have a conversation prior to speaking to children and create a plan
  • Children may not have questions immediately
  • Grieving is part of the process
  • Parents “this is the time to use your resources”-other adults as support vs your children
  • When parent begins to date again, ready to introduce your children to new person do in a neutral location
  • Your daughter doesn’t have to choose between loving you or their other parent-she gets to love you both
  • Father and daughter relationship can become stronger if there is a divorce
  • Life can be beautiful-do the inner work

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Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher PhD and Robert Alberti PhD