Brave & Courageous Teen Girls Group

Give your daughter (and you) guidance for her journey into the future.

What is a Brave and Courageous Group?

It is a supportive and fun space for 15-18 year old high school teen girls. The girls who are part of our group love getting together once a week to support each other’s goals and dreams. As we connect and bond, we talk about real things that are going on in each other’s lives, and every courageous girl is included so that no one feels left out. Together we team up to help one another grow, and along the journey we laugh, we cry, we bond, we have fun, we do art, listen to music, watch videos, and we heal old hurts and make new friends.


  • Manage your anxiety or fears vs them ruling you.
  • Say No and mean it
  • Speak up when things don’t go your way
  • Love your body and your uniqueness
  • Manage conflicts with peers and family without losing your cool
  • Feel understood and supported by group members


Next group TBD. It will be a twelve-week group or a few Saturday intensives


To help girls build life skills and feel more confident during their teenage years. The skills learned during the group can also help them as they head out into the world and leave home for college.

Brave & Courageous Teen Girls Group in Indianapolis


An interview is required prior to the group starting to ensure it is a good fit for your daughter. Complete the Contact Form below to schedule.

$50/group session for a total of $600 (full amount due at first session). Cash, check and credit cards accepted. 

Minimum of four and maximum of six teen girls for group. 

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Group Contact Form

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