Nicole Burgess is a transformational life coach for women and moms ending the good girl mindset

You have been the good girl growing up and now that you are an adult woman you feel something is missing in your life. Maybe you feel anxious, disempowered, frustrated, and unheard by those around you. 

What does it mean to be a good girl?

  • If you don’t follow the rules you believe you will be punished

“I need to follow the advice from my parents and loved ones because otherwise, they may stop talking to me.”

  • You attempt to make others in your life happy at the cost of your well-being

“It’s okay if I don’t pursue my passion or dreams. I can do that when the kids are grown and have moved out.”

  • Continue to search for acceptance and approval from others

“I will continue to do all the activities he/she wants to do and it’s okay they don’t want to do any of mine.”

  • Avoid conflicts at all costs

“He wants to go to the game, but I am exhausted. I don’t want to disappoint him.”

  • Say yes when you mean no

“I can babysit the neighbor’s children” vs have the massage you had scheduled.

  • Do what others say you should do vs listen to your inner knowing

“I want to sit and read for 15 minutes each day to re-energize, but others are telling me that is selfish.”

  • Are not in alignment with your values

“I want to meet new people, but it is too much work.”

Signs that you are a good girl in a woman’s body?

  • You feel like you are always complaining and want to feel more empowered.
  • You have the resources from your partner, but don’t feel deserving of following through with your passion or desires in life.
  • You are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by continuing to place yourself last on the list.

Is it time for you to grow up from being a good girl to an awakened woman? How can a transformational life coach help?

In our work together we create the transformational goals you are wanting in your life to feel more empowered, confident and state “no” when you truly mean it. This may look like learning new skills in how to communicate assertively, limit setting, and a spiritual practice that nurtures you.

How the mind can play tricks on us:

Maybe your inner voice is saying, “Oh this sounds incredible and she gets me, yet maybe it is too much for me right now.” Sometimes that inner voice is correct and other times when you tune into your heart, your mind and heart align and are saying it is time to step into this place of vulnerability and make the change you desire.

If you are waking up to being trapped by the good girl mentality, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consult call to in taking the next steps.


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