Life Coaching for Mothers and Women

Life Coaching for Mothers and Women

Whether you are at a crossroads in your life and looking to put new energy back into your passions and desires or ready to rediscover who you are as a woman outside of being “just a mom”, life coaching for mothers and women can help you understand what’s happening now so that you can create a better future.

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Mothers do you need some parenting support? Whether your child is two years old or 21 if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out about how to manage the meltdowns or outbursts, together we can create a plan that works for you. There are no families that are the exact same, that is why we create a plan that works specifically for your family. 

Or maybe you are needing some guidance during this season of life called transition. Maybe you feel stuck or lost because your teenager is now moving out of the home. You are uncertain of who you are now that you are not focused as much on your children. You are ready to be more than “just a mom” again. Together we dive deep into rediscovering the parts of yourself who took a back seat or were placed on hold while raising your children. 

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Soulful Exploration: One session for $140 (other packages available starting at $400)

What to expect:

  • One 50 minute phone call
  • One follow-up email after our session

We Will Discover What You Need And How To Get Your Needs Met

Life coaching for mothers and women will allow us to work together to discover who you are and explore your true needs and desires in life.

We might uncover that you need:

  • To schedule “me-time” so you can nourish yourself
  • To remember who you are apart from being a mom
  • To improve your relationships with your children or partner
  • To take charge of your life and stop doing things for others first
  • To be able to express what you need to others so you can get what you need

Discovering what you truly need in life is only the first step. Next, I will help you develop goals and ways to meet your goals so that you can get your needs met and work towards achieving the life you desire.

How To Take Action In Improving Your Life

Get help with creating the life that you want, call today for your free 15-minute consult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different than psychotherapy?

Coaching does not treat mental health disorders or do mental health evaluations.

Coaching is more focused on the present and the future you are wanting to create.

Coaching is goal oriented.

Psychotherapy typically explores the past and is about healing traumas, hurts, and family of origin issues.

Psychotherapy is based more on a medical model.

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