Are you a women in midlife?

If you are at a crossroad in your life and looking to put new energy back into your passions and desires. Schedule a free 15-minute consult today to get back on track.


Becoming an empty nester?

Ready to rediscover who you are as a woman outside of being “just a mom”? Then schedule a free 15-minute consult today.

Want to be more assertive?

Are you tired of not feeling heard? Or your needs not being met? Then call today for your free 15-minute consult. Together we can help you become more a more assertive communicator and re-take charge of your life.

Plans and Pricing

After our initial consult, you can choose between three different plans that best fits your needs.

One Session

  • One 50-minute phone session
  • Discover deeper desires
  • Create action plan

Six Sessions

$840/group of six
  • Six 50-minute phone sessions
  • Discover deep desires
  • Create action plan
  • Practicing changes for lasting transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different than psychotherapy?

Coaching does not treat mental health disorders or do mental health evaluations

Psychotherapy typically explores the past and coaching is more present and future oriented. 

Don't Be Shy

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